in construction see about, resumes and awards/reviews for now.

And also know I love Authors, work with authors directly or through publishers.

Here is just a little feedback:

"I just wanted to reach out and say I listened to a few chapters of As Dust Dances audiobook last night and I'm so blown away by your narration. I'll admit I usually find it very hard to listen to my own books but you actually made me sink into the story and I forgot I wrote it lol. You really capture Skylar and it's one of my narrations ever"

- Samantha Young, Author As Dust Dances

" I echo the author's words (of the above)!!! So appreciated your care and great craft in creating my audible book. I am also moved by your respect for the author's struggles to bring a story to life. Thank you Erin for the word you do" Earlier "Finally listened to Dazzle Patters--I am in awe at the skill you brought to the work-how you inhabit the characters. I feel se privileged to have had the book land in you expert hands- Thank you for bringing it to life"

- Alison Watt, Author Dazzle Patterns

"I am listening to chapter one. You have me in tears as it is a dream come true. I never thought I would find the perfect narrator. You are reading it perfectly. Cannot put it down. Thank you Erin. I cannot tell you how much this means to me"

-Adrienne Woods, Author Dragionian Series.

"It's no secret why audiobooks are so important. For the sight impaired, for the walkers, and the commuters, audiobooks are a tremendous gift. In another case, I was shocked when two of my friends said that neither could "hear" the many accents in my novel, Daughter of the Ancients, as they read. 

They vowed to buy the audiobook version and this is why - 

You brought LIFE to the characters (Greek, Scottish, English, New Jersian,  mafiosos, even the two young Wisconsinites!). Your very tone changed amusing text to outright laugh-out-loud funny because of timing and innate comedic talent. You developed delicate levels between sadness and melancholy, to downright indignant anger and fury in your voice. To be very specific, education levels, for instance, are difficult to convey. It's not just the vocabulary an author uses; it often shows up in the confidence level in the tone of voice, speed of speech, and pauses in thought! You provided that.

As a debut author, your supportive nature and thorough knowledge of the audiobook production process was invaluable. I never hesitated to reach out to you with a question. You were always quick and kind in your response.

I send you my deepest appreciation for you and your production team's efforts."

-Donna Van Braswell, Author The Daughter of the Ancients.