Narration samples (selected from the 300+)

Young Adult, Kids, American Adult, Romance, Non Fiction, Southern/Country, Canadian


Young Adult

3rd Person POV.  14+
Convo with little sister
Earphones award winner
1st person POV
Pre-teen convo with Mom. Narrated all of Stacey's POV
1st person POV 15+
Modern Fantasy
Big moment with Dad
1st Person POV 14+
Medievil Fantasy.
Threat of Violence


3rd person POV  Picture book
Earphones Award Winner

General American Adult

1st person POV Mystery
1st person POV 
Comedy Quirky
3rd person POV 
Fantasy. Evil genius
3rd person POV 
Fantasy. Multi Character. Spanish accent
1st person POV 
College scene

Romance (Felicity Munroe)

1st person POV  Fantasy
British Accent
3rd person POV 
Cop Drama
1st person POV Sci Fi. Quirky. Multi woman scene
1st person POV 
The breakup

American South/Country

1st person POV, YA
Southern Mix
1st person POV, Romance
Felicity Munroe, Quirky
1st person POV, Romance
Felicity Munroe, Southern MIx

Non Fiction

Yoga, Holistic Health, Mediation
Memoir, Self help, Holistic Health


1st person POV Family scene. Life story of mental illness
1st person POV
Comedic memoir
1st person POV
Mystery and gestation of death