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Best YA Books of 2010 from AudioFile Magazine- Sisters Red

Earphones Award - Sister Red (YA)

Earphones Award -Carnival at Bray (YA)

Earphones Award -Finding Winnie (Children)

Selected Audiofile Magazine Reviews


“Felicity Munroe's facility with shifts in tone and subtle, effective accents and pacing enlivens the characters in this fast-paced and fun listen.---- The combination of Munroe's acting talents, an engaging story, and likable characters makes for an enjoyable listen.”


“Narrator Erin Moon excels at giving heart to Maggie's journey and growth,---. Moon's expertise at a number of Irish brogues is a treat to hear, and she deftly illuminates the subtle cultural differences that Maggie must adjust to. The audiobook also stands out as Moon sings the songs of various characters, giving them depth and emotion through the music.”


“Moon moves deftly between straightforward reporting of hospital routines and medical procedures to a softer, contemplative tone for Amy's musings and the intimate aspects of her story. Amy's recordings of each day's highs and lows give immediacy to the wrenching chronicle, and Moon captures all the poignancy, tension, fear, and joy.”


“Narrator Erin Moon's crisp, versatile alto is well matched to this steampunk adventure with a murderous twist. --- Moon's delivery of narrative and characterizations brings this book to a new level. She is forceful and gifted with accents; she shifts between characters easily, maintains a suspenseful pace, and portrays Rosalind in a spirited and engaging manner.”


“Erin Moon uses an even tone to portray Fer as a practical, normal girl, but all of the magical creatures have unique voices that match their natures in the other world. The Lady, an evil ruler, has a harsh, icy voice that sounds malevolent even when she makes the most mundane comments. Rook, a fairy who can shift into different animals, has a deep, gruff voice, much like the growl of the dog he often changes into. The wolf guards who pursue Fer on the orders of the Lady have mocking, slightly caustic tones. Moon’s narration provides a bright spot in Prineas’s sometimes inconsistent tale.”


“Narrator Erin Moon does an admirable job with an assortment of characters, alternating competently between men and women, students, and others. She gives Clare a steady, even-keeled tone and stretches nicely with her voices for suspects and supporting characters ---Moon deserves credit for keeping listeners engaged as the mystery is unraveled. In the end, listeners will be eager to hear Clare’s next adventure.”

“Second, and I can say this even more after listening to it a second time, it’s a superb narration. Munroe

and Crisden switch between Lauren and her blue hottie K’Thar seamlessly, in terms of storytelling, pacing,

and production values. Lauren has a sweet-sounding voice, and her romantic journey is just as compelling

as her dangerous escape to the island.”