Erin has been coaching, teaching workshops, seminars, webinars and more for over 10 years in audiobooks.

She is also FINALLY revamping this page on her website :)

Please contact me (under about/contact) for coaching availability/rates. NOTE: A lot of first responses go to JUNK mail look for "erinlsmoon" in your junk. I will respond within 48hrs.

In the mean time here are just a few testimonials as I revamp this page:

"Working with Erin has nurtured my narration in the best possible way! No matter what angle of audiobooks I want to look at with her, she always brings incredibly precise advice and techniques that get me exactly where I need to be. Her approach is backed by a solid education and vast experience, but it's also very personalized. I feel like she is able to bring out of me the specific ah-ha moment that I need and I'm always left feeling like I've leveled up my game in a fabulous new way. Erin is such a beautiful person, inside and out, and I am beyond grateful to have her in my corner." --Stefanie Kay / Fiona Dexter,

"Erin is the perfect coach. Someone who doesn't just tell you how to find the right voice for a project but can show you how it works. She wants everyone to win." Heather Brown - producer/ director audiobooks PRHC and others. Find on LinkedIn !

"From the moment I connected with Erin as my narration coach, through OTM (On The Mic), Vancouver, I felt in the hands of a true professional who gives all her students in class individual attention tailored to each need. She conveys layer upon layer of narration & business knowledge, expertise, skill and wisdom, that falls on the rich ground of all those willing to listen and take action in this booming industry. As a past student of Erin I am blessed to tap into all the resources she so lovingly shares, and the seamless support which she always finds time to gift all who seek out her help. A generous and diligent teacher with a passion directed at opening up each talent, no matter the level of experience, in such confident, consistent and supportive ways. The new reading is listening, and Erin is a superb ambassador for its blossoming.” - Zanna Fidler - Nascent Narrator

"Thanks to audiobook veteran Erin Moon for coaching me on the nuances of audiobook narration. Within WEEKS of working with her, I booked my first gig, and felt totally prepared in the studio. I HIGHLY recommend her as a coach" Omari Newton, Actor, writer, producer, activist and now Audiobook narrator!

"I had Erin as both a private coach and instructor at On The Mic for audiobook narration and she was fantastic! Erin is very educated in the performing arts and has many years of professional experience narrating books. Her teaching style is well thought out and she gave us great direction while in the booth. She also knows a lot about editing for audiobooks. Erin helped coach me when I landed my first audiobook gig and because of her, I was able to properly prepare for my recording, be efficient and professional. I highly recommend Erin as an audiobook coach! "- Jenn Tiles  IG: sparklejenergy  facebook:

"Erin is a supportive, encouraging and inspiring instructor. The wisdom she imparts on her students is invaluable and her course content is thorough and meticulous. Erin's classes are easily digestible, well structured and very fair - giving ample on-mic time and detailed one-on-one direction and coaching to each student. Her experience in the audiobook industry is unparalleled and having the opportunity to learn from one of the most successful and talented narrators currently working is an absolute honour." - Charlotte Wright, Professional Audiobook Narrator, actor, arts administrator.

“I am so grateful to have had the chance to have studied with the incredibly gifted Erin Moon. We covered a large array of materials during the 4 weeks I spent with her, each class meticulously building on the next so that by the end we were recording long samples of complex materials. We discussed in great detail all the various aspects both technical and creative that lead to a successful career as an audiobook narrator… and as someone who had just started in the industry with only a couple of books under my belt I found her instruction detailed, meticulous and invaluable. She clearly has great passion for the industry which she shares in spades. Working with Erin is a must for anyone starting out or simply thinking about whether or not delving further into the audiobook industry is for them“  -  Fiona Marrello Described Video / Audiobook Narrator / Actor. IG @fionamarrellobooks